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Awe staff just sent me an email saying happy birthday to my blog ! Can’t believe it’s been a year

Falling in love with someone who has no intention of loving you back is probably the worst kind of love

—Preciouxx (via myvoguee)

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Anonymous asked: what was his reason for ending the six year relationship if you don't mind me askin


I never got a concrete reason, but it was the best blessing in disguise. I had to be broken so I could learn to fix myself.

Anonymous asked: If a guy tells you the next day "btw don't tell anyone about what happened yesterday" how do I take that? Consider the fact that all we did was slightly flirt. Like nothing big like sex. But like a lot of flirting & cuddling. That was the first time that happened although we've hung out before (just like twice) & he was kinda drunk. But like we will occasionally flirt while texting but it had been a while. Idk how to take that as. Can you please give me your advice Val?


I mean I donโ€™t think thatโ€™s bad, but I personally prefer keeping things lowkey because I donโ€™t like to kiss and tell, you know? Maybe he just wants to keep it between you guys private to protect whatever you guys have going on. But you also have to consider the alternative, does he have a girlfriend and thatโ€™s why he doesnโ€™t want you to expose him. Idk, just ask him what his intentions are.